Lash & Brow Treatments

Give your eyes a pop, creating a subtle or dramatic look, through lash extension, lash lift or tinting. Eyebrows have the power to create expression and character. They compliment the eyes by framing them without drawing attention away from your natural beauty.

Lash Botox Lift

60 minutes

Vitamin Lash Botox is a cosmetic technique of lifting and straightening eyelashes using a combination of vitamins, natural oils and amino acids. The process involves using silicone to lift eyelashes and coat them with the vitamin botox. This allows the eyelashes to grow as much as 50%, for a thicker and longer look. 

Lash Tinting

15 minutes

Get weeks of dark, full lashes without the assistance of mascara with a custom blend tinting service. Your lashes will look more voluminous, longer and more defined. 

Lash Strip Application

15 minutes

Lashes in a flash! For the guest looking for a quick and temporary lash enhancement. 


Brow Botox Lift

60 minutes

The process is quite simple. It starts with the application of a lift cream, which moves hairs into a specific direction. Next, brows are brushed in the desired shape and set with a hair neutralizer to keep it in place. Brows are then tinted to add fullness and—for added moisture—are finished off with a nourishing brow oil. 

Brow Tinting

15 minutes

Beautifully tinted, fuller looking brows will give you a more youthful appearance without having to apply daily makeup. A custom blended tinting service can add definition to your brow shape and draw attention to your eyes giving them a brighter, more lifted look.