Color Enhancements


15 | 30 minutes

Toner is applied after a lighting service to enhance or neutralize warm tones that are seen within the hair. Adding flawless tone to highlights helping to balance out color and tones for long-lasting results. This step is often essential to avoid a “brassy” look on highlights or to balance a fresh highlight service  

Additional Product Mix

Depending on length, density, and thickness of hair, additional cost for extra product use for color and lightening services.

Additional Colors

Enhance you hair color with additional colors, creating dimension and|or depth, giving the hair a dramatic or natural look.

Pure Pigments

Goldwell Pure Pigments are direct dye additives that are mixed into oxidative hair color to create holographic effects, tone-on-tone boosting, and dimensional cool and pastel tones.


15 minutes

This product is applied after color services to promote stronger, healthier hair without compromising the color treatment itself. Applied in two steps, Bondpro+ offers strengthened and revitalized hair. 

Light Dimensions Base Brightener

5 | 20 minutes

Light Dimensions Brightener Natural: Up to 1.5 levels of lift for levels 7-9. Light Dimensions Brightener Silver: Up to 1.5 levels of lift for levels 5-7. These 5-20 minute highlight upgrades reduce strong contrasts. Integrated BondPro+ and Cool Protect technology ensure clearer, cooler, longer-lasting results. 

Hair Texturizing

hair texturizing and smoothing


haircuts for men and women

Highlights & Lowlights

highlights and low lights