Gel-X Nail Enhancements

The newest revolution in Nail Enhancement Technology!


Gel-X Nail Enhancements

75 | 90 minutes

Gel-X Nail Enhancements are specially formulated out of soft gel to provide you with a comfortable and lightweight nail enhancement, without the damage of acrylic or hard gel. No filing needed, no dust, no odor, and no damage to natural nails! 

Choose from different shapes and lengths, stiletto, round, coffin and square.Customized to suit your individual needs and lifestyle, Gel -X Extensions are considered a temporary extension intended to be worn 2-4 weeks. Ideal for a special occasions or just to enhance your natural nails. 

Gel-X Removal

20 minutes

Proper removal is important to make sure your natural nail doesn’t get damaged. Gel-X Nail Enhancements are composed of soft gel, which allows for them to be soaked off within 15-20 minutes just like a gel manicure.



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